crabs and food and heat

I think this will be the tenor of our four days here in Kep: early breakfast to leave as much of the cool morning available as possible, walk down to the crab market, walk back and swim, rest, swim, dress walk back to the crab market for lunch -- either to eat there or bring back -- rest and swim, rest, swim, dress and walk to the crab market for dinner. Tomorrow or the next day we'll take a tuktuk to Kampot where we'll walk around and eat, and then we'll come back to Kep to rest and swim. Then repeat.

It's lovely.

big breakfast spread here at the hotel -- more kinds of food than we can eat during our stay

the outer bits of the crab market, just the fruit vendors

this statue dude watches over the crab fishermen
crab traps

standard dress for women at the crab market, though they often also
wear sweaters. they think it's cold right now, while we are sweating.

we walked to the crab market and bought food to bring back to our villa.
Grilled fish, no idea what kind except yummy, a couple of grilled squid,
and this rack of grilled prawns. SO GOOD.

With rice and this big bowl of pickled vegetables, plus that delicious sauce,
the whole meal cost us $5.  So cheap, so delicious, so fresh.

hammock. pool. repeat.

two of these lion statues mark the entrance to the crab market.
the rear view reveals that they have giant balls. :)

these vendors near the outer perimeter sell stuff, not food.

it's about a 10-minute walk down this road from our hotel to the crab market.

that's the moon through the mosquito netting on our rooftop bed
When I was sitting at the market waiting while Marc did the food shopping, this music was playing and now I can't get it out of my head. Have you heard the band Dengue Fever -- Cambodian pop music? I don't think this is their song, but you should track them down, their music is great.

And now I guess I'd better get busy. Swim or rest? Hard to pick.

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