A quick post to get going. Jetlag is still kicking us and we fade suddenly around 4pm and are asleep around 8pm. Our flights were pretty great; EVA airlines was fantastic, great food (I know!), roomy seats, friendly flight attendants. In Taipei, when we left the plane we were a little worried because we had to transfer to Thai Airways and we'd never been in the Taipei airport, but there was someone holding a sign with our names on it to direct us where to go. That was kind of amazing, we'd never had anything like that before. We didn't get lost in the Bangkok airport, like we did the last time, and all three of our flights were on time and uneventful. Which is how I like my flights.

This first post is just a photo post, my brain is too dead yet. More stories in the next post.

northern Laos from the air. mountains and brown rivers.

the Luang Prabang (LP) airport
gorgeous gardens on the banks of the Nam Kanh

muddy rivers in this part of the world

and bamboo bridges


beautiful light

monks working hard

boats in for the day

more of that gorgeous light

see what I mean?

restaurants on the riverside

and down narrow little streets

wats everywhere in LP

lush and gorgeous

one of the main streets in LP, heading toward the Hmong Night Market

a different kind of beautiful light

kind of scary to walk on this bridge!

don't be fooled: I was SUPER scared

panorama of the Nam Kanh from the bridge

after a 3-hour ride that made me feel like I might puke or die, we arrived in Nong Khiaw. our hotel is AMAZING.
This is the view from our room.

the view from our room
More stories tomorrow when my brain has a little more rest. I LOVE LAOS.

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  1. What spectacular photos! I totally understand the feeling of those 'puke or die' car trips. I've done a few of those myself. Hideous.


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